Alberto Yague

ColorEdge CG279X

Alberto Yague expresses his understanding of photography as the ability to project sensations in a static image through lights, colors and shapes. He considers the perfect retouch as one that goes unnoticed, one that lets us see an image that is unbeatable on a technical level, respecting naturalness and allows the image to tell the same story and convey the same emotions as the time it was photographed.

That is the reason why it is so important to him to give personalized attention and know at first hand what a client's intention is with a picture. Photography is an ambiguous art; never boring and, as such, there are several options. He considers that the most important thing is to be motivated, to stay updated, and to learn more every day about new techniques. Improvements in the technology, fashions... these are key to being able to keep growing and to continue to have an aware and creative mind that seeks all the possibilities without ruling out any options.