Christian Clauwers

Nature and Travel Photography
ColorEdge CG246W

Christian Clauwers graduated in 2009 as a Master of Political Science at the University of Antwerp and in 2010 he obtained a Masters in Global Management. He lived briefly in Krakau (Poland) and Athens (Greece). Since his early childhood he has traveled the world, visiting all 7 continents and exploring the most inaccessible places such as the Antarctic, the Arctic, the South Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific, etc. Doing so he has discovered the beauty but also the vulnerability of our planet. Traveling and guiding people on his travels is a true passion to him. Whenever possible, he is on the move. Through his photography he strives to share his experiences and emotions, showing his focus on sustainability.

Christian Clauwers is a perfectionist in all he does. His photos on aluminum and acrylic glass are flawless. That is precisely why he relies on his EIZO monitor, as it gives him the correct vision of what he photographed, and what the printed result will be. Christian often organizes art exhibitions in which his pictures are shown to the wider public. A series of books with his work has been published over the years. Soon he will embark again on a trip to capture the beauty of nature on the Sub-Antarctic Islands of Kerguelen and Crozet.