Stefan Forster

Landscape Photography and Filmmaking
ColorEdge CG318-4K

Stefan Forster is an international active landscape photographer based in Switzerland. He specializes in landscape photographs of extreme regions of this planet like Greenland, Iceland, Patagonia, Antarctica and the deserts of Africa. His biggest target is and was always to discover new regions and take photographs no one else has taken before. To reach these remote places he uses his Kayak, or in the last 3 years, a bunch of photography drones which brings the camera to dangerous places where humans could never go to by foot. For 10 years he has been providing photography trips all over the world where he teaches photography on location. From the beginning of his career he has had the aspiration for a monitor that shows the full potential of the camera gear. His first monitor was the EIZO CG241. Currently he is working with the EIZO CG318-4K which he uses mainly for the editing and color grading of 4K video footage taken from drones.

Case Study

“I’ve been using EIZO for 12 years now. Most of the time I work on the ColorEdge CG318-4K. The monitor gives me a great deal of space, thanks to its 31-inch screen, and the 4K resolution provides an incredibly good level of sharpness.”

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